18 Amazing Prayers for Mother – Prayer for Mother Protection 2023

Send Prayers for Mother via text, Instagram, and Facebook to say thanks to your mother for all things. A mother always prays for our protection and loves us till our last breath. There are many titles for the lady in your life who helped raise you and who will love you indiscriminately for the rest of the time: mother, mamma, mommy, or just plain mom. A mother gives her kids hugs and kisses no matter what, enduring the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Through both good and terrible times in your life, they are your rock and your support. A mother will always be there to comfort you and wipe away your tears. A mother will want to claim all of your suffering as her own. Write prayers on cards or send images to your mother for their good health and long life because she is a gem of our life and without her, there is no happiness.


Prayer for Mother

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Prayers For Mother

In order to be renewed and restored in body and mind, I pray that you will uplift my mother’s weary spirit and fill my mother with your love and serenity. Lord, fill my mother’s spirit with your heavenly nourishment and give her the strength to function as a mother.


God kindly provides my mother success in everything she does and provides us all with a comfortable lifestyle. I pray that she would get many blessings from God and live a long life to appreciate her labor. My mother is like the most valuable golden treasure anyone can imagine since she is never far from me. She is always available to help and reassure me.


Prayer For Mom


I’m wishing my mother health, wealth, and happiness. God, I want to look after her as she ages. I hope my mother lives a long life so she can enjoy the rewards of her labor. I am really grateful for my amazing mum.


She infuses our home with love. She is friendly with us and won’t yell at us, but she will correct you when and where you need it. Mother teaches us to be honest by constantly telling us the truth. To make her happy, I hope that all of her children will succeed in life as adults. My hope is that she gets good health and long life.


Mother is like the most valuable golden item anyone could imagine since she is always there for me. She is always available to help and reassure me. When I’m low, she cheers me up. In the foreseeable future, I wish her peace and happiness without end. She should be in a comfortable financial and physical situation.

Positive Prayers For Mothers

My mother used to pray every night at the foot of her bed, but I was never able to understand what she was saying. This is one of my earliest and most precious memories of her. Being married myself today, I’m rather certain I understand the exact thing she was hoping for.


Please, Lord, I offer gratitude prayers for my mom today &  I’m grateful you brought her into my life and for everything she does for me.  She has taken care of and raised me since I was a small child. She has always been there for me when I need her, and I thank you for giving her life and the making her the way she is. When you created her, you blessed my life. I appreciate her being here and will always be appreciative of her.


Prayers for Mother


Lord, through the power of your word, increase the faith of mom. Encourage her to call on your name in prayer each day and to place their hope and trust in you. As she spends time studying your word, aid her in strengthening her faith. As she read the Bible and acquires insight and knowledge, illuminate the truth of your scriptures.


Mother and I have a unique relationship. She introduced me to the world. Since then, she has defended me and shown me her affection. She has been at my side during both good and bad times. Please continue to develop our friendship and cultivate our relationship. Make Your love the foundation of her relationship. Please encourage her to have trust in the road ahead. Ensure that she collaborates joyfully. Amen.

Amazing Prayers For Mother for Strength

Mother, I pray that you will be blessed by our heavenly Father with good health, long life, and tremendous wealth in all areas of your valuable energies.


May the good Lord, who has given you this great day to experience, keep you cheerful today and every day of your life in this lovely world.


My Righteous Savior, Jesus, You have many wonderful gifts to provide. I’m grateful that having my mum is a blessing. She is altruistic and sympathetic. She is compassionate and gentle. I hope that one day I will be just like my mother and that I will always be able to express my gratitude for having her in my life.


Prayers for Mother


I tell them it’s because they haven’t met you that everyone believes their mother to be the best. You’re the best, mom. Nobody can dispute the truth of the statement. I pray that you experience eternal peace from God.


How can I ever thank you for your steadfast love and years of selfless sacrifice, mother? I know I say it all the time, but I want my prayers for you to reflect that. Stay healthy and happy with God’s blessings, you are my entire universe.

Best Prayers for Mother

We praise God for giving us triumph over death! I ask that you protect my mum today and always! Give her the fortitude and bravery to withstand any temptation or adversity she may encounter. Till we are reunited again, keep her mind free of worry for myself and other family members back home.


Prayers for Mother


Lord, Your Word states that we are healed by Your sacraments. I, therefore, pray that you heal my mother now. Give her body strength and relieve any current pain she may be experiencing. She needs to feel Your healing touch and be healed. In the name of Jesus, I thank You for her recovery.


Father, I ask that my mother have serenity and be certain of Your presence at all times. so she would be able to see her choices and the way she needed to go. Let her heart find peace and allow her to rest her head on Your chest with the knowledge that everything is in good hands.


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