20+ Mother’s Day Poem In English – Famous Poem About Mothers

Mother’s Day Poem In English: Not many roles are as challenging as being a mother. Regardless of how a person becomes a mother, the journey is often equally taxing and rewarding. Mothers deserve appreciation every single day, and it’s important to ensure the mothers in your life know how much you love, appreciate, and value them on Mother’s Day. You can use this day to show appreciation for your grandmother, stepmother, or any other person who served as a maternal figure in your life. Whether you say “I love you” with a gift or just with some quality time, celebrating Mother’s Day can help add significance to the day. Even though the words may not come easily from you, the special mother in your life will be moved by these poems.

Write one of these poems inside her card or read one aloud during any activity you have planned. Whether you convey your note via social media or in person, these Mother’s Day poems will show your mother how much she means to you on May 8th.

Mother's Day Poem in English

Mother’s Day Poem In English From Child

These delightful short poems for Mother’s Day are dedicated to mothers from their children. These poems can be beautifully written on a card by a little child for their mother.

1# Mommy I Love You

“I love you, Mommy, for all that you do.

I’ll kiss and hug you because you love me too.

You feed me and teach me how to play.

So, on this Mother’s Day, smile because I love you.”

2#God Created Mothers

When God created mothers,

As lovely as could be,

He made an extra special one,

And saved her just for me!


“I have created some Mother’s Day flowers,

Using my fingers and my thumb,

So that you will always cherish these memories,

For all the years to come.”

Mother's Day Poem in English

4#Wonderful Mother of Mine

I pray to God above

For that wonderful mother of mine.

I ask that He keep her as long as He can,

That wonderful mother of mine.


There is no present

Quite as precious.

As a mother like you

To cherish year after year.

Best Mother’s Day Poem in English from Daughter

These Mother’s Day poems are dedicated to strengthening the special bond between mothers and daughters. As Mother’s Day approaches, expressing your love and appreciation towards your mother through heartfelt gestures can make her feel loved and special. Writing a heart-touching Mother’s Day poem is one of the best ways to do so. We have compiled a list of warm poems for Mother’s Day that you can share with your mother.


Mother's Day Poem in English

1#Everything Mom

How did you discover the energy,

Mum, To do all the things you did,

To be a teacher, nurse, and counselor To me,

when I was a kid?

How did you accomplish it all, Mum,

Being a chauffeur, cook, and friend?

Yet still finding time to be a playmate, I cannot comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mum,

That made you come whenever I called you,

Your inexhaustible love,

Mum, I thank you for it all.

2 # Best Friends

My mother and I are closest friends forever,

Picking flowers and climbing trees together.

We share our secrets and comfort each other,

Our hearts and hands are warm and caring for one another.


English Poem for Mom

3#Mother & Daughter

This is a special bond that spans the years,

through laughter, stress, smiles, and tears.

It is a sense of trust that cannot be broken,

a depth of love often unspoken.

It is a lifelong relationship built on sharing,

much love, warmth, and caring.

Mother and daughter, their hearts as one –

a connection that can never be undone.

4# “M – O – T – H – E – R”

“M” stands for the million things she gave me,

“O” means only that she is getting old,

“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,

“H” is for her heart of purest gold,

“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,

“R” means right, and right she will always be,

Put them all together, the spell of “MOTHER,”

A word that means the world to me.

Mother’s Day Poem In English for Grand Mother

Grandmothers are like second mothers to children. The relationship between a grandmother and her grandchildren is full of love. Grandmothers take care of their grandchildren as if they were their children. They feed them when their parents are not around and act as protectors, teachers, and friends. These poems are for you to share and pay tribute to your grandmother with sweet words.

1#Laying In Grandmother’s Lap

While the world was asleep,

You were awake, gazing deep into my eyes,

Falling in love with me,

Who could have made me as precious as you do?

My grandmother, lying in your lap is the most soothing thing.


Mother's Day Poem In English for Grand Mother

2 # Never-Ending Stories of Grandmother

I have often wondered,

Where did you get all those stories you tell,

You always had one when I needed it,

I love your stories of where, how, and when,

But most of all, I love you.

3# Appreciate You For Unconditional Love

I want to express my appreciation to you

And acknowledge all that you do.

Although I may not communicate it each day,

It would be a mistake if I don’t take this moment to say,

I love you and appreciate all that you’ve done,

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day from your grandchild.

Famous Mother’s Day Poem In English

A mother holds a significant place in one’s life. Her presence is always felt as she stands by her children through thick and thin. Regardless of how challenging the circumstances may be, a mother is always there for her children until her last breath.

Some children fail to recognize the worth of their mother. However, when they do, it’s often too late. To celebrate her this Mother’s Day and make her feel special, you can share heartwarming Mother’s Day poems in English and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

1#Mother’s Incomparable Love

I know that no matter how hard I try,

I will not be able to find the words to express,

The depth of my love for you,

Your love is unique and unparalleled,

It is a pure feeling that I cannot describe,

I love you, Mother, And I love God,

Because He created you for me.

2#You Denied Yourself For Me

Mother, I can see what you sacrificed,

To be my mother and guide.

You gave up wealth and time,

So I could have a life full of joy and rhyme.

You went without, you made do,

So I could have all I wanted to pursue.

I love you today and always,

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!


Famous English Poem


3#Special Poem on Mummy

My mother is extraordinary and more than just a friend.

Whenever I need her, she always lends a hand.

She has loved me since I was a child,

And even now, she remains by my side.

She has supported and guided me in all that I’ve pursued,

Giving her best to help me through every mood.

Through good times and bad, she’s been my guiding light,

Confident and faithful, helping me stand tall in sight.

She’s been there for me when my father was not around,

Always available when I needed her to be found.

My mother is the best person there is,

There’s nothing in this world she wouldn’t do for her kids.

4#Thank You Poem in English

Dear Mother, From the day I was young

Until the day I grew tall

From when I began understanding things

Until the day I got my wings

Your love never failed

You have been the main support

I want to hug you tight and thank you

For everything you have done.

Funny Mother’s Day Poem In English

How can one summarize the intense, loving, frustrating, crazy relationship with their mother in just a few sentences? A Mother’s Day poem is the perfect way to express your feelings toward your mother. These humorous poems will make her laugh every time. Send these funny poems to all the women in your life who hold the precious role of a mother.

Mom Poem in English


1#You Love My Art

Dear Mum, I love that you admired all my qualities.

You told me it was amazing,

Mum, you told me it was brilliant.

You loved my ceramics and painting,

And my popsicle stick bridge span,

But, don’t you think it’s long enough by now,

To take it off the freezer?

2#You Know Me

Dear Mother, You are familiar with the worst of me,

My weaknesses and indiscretions,

I know you have witnessed me make mistakes,

And act foolishly at times,

You are aware of all my embarrassing moments,

And that I can be a bit of a nut,

So how can I repay your love?

Make sure you keep my secrets shut!

Mom Poem in English

3 # Please and Thanks

You taught me how to wash my face

And how to use the toilet.

You made me eat all my vegetables

And wiped my nose when it was runny.

You taught me to say “Please” and “Thank you”,

Because being polite is the way,

So, may I borrow some money?

Just kidding! Happy Mother’s Day!

4 #Put Up With Me

The fact that you are my mother makes me happy,

You are kind, caring, and strong.

No one else could have put up with me,

For this long!

Mother’s Day Poem In English in English About Love

There is nothing you can do to repay your mother for all the hardships she endures to provide you with a beautiful life. These words are the language of the soul. Use these elegant words to thank and appreciate your mother. Don’t worry about it. You can find these words from renowned writers and express them with your own emotions.

Mother Love English Poem

What Mother Means?

Mother is a simple word,

But to me, it holds a meaning seldom heard.

For everything I am today, I want to say thanks,

The love of my mother has shown me the way.

Her Love is Like an Island

Her love is like an island,

Vast in life’s sea,

A calm and secure haven,

Shielding from the breeze, rain, and tide.

It is bordered to the northeast By Patience,

to the west by Trust, To the south by gentle Insight,

And to the east by Rest.

Above it shines like a beacon light,

Radiating Faith, Truth, and Prayer,

And amidst life’s changing scenes,

It remains a sanctuary where I find refuge.

Mother's Day Poem in English


A Mother’s Love

There are moments when solely a mother’s love

Can wipe away our tears,

Can soothe our frustrations,

And calm our deepest fears.

There are times when only a mother’s love

Can share the joy we feel

When something we’ve dreamed about

Suddenly becomes real.

There are times when only a mother’s faith

Can help us in life’s way,

And inspire in us the confidence

We need it from day to day.

For her heart and her faith,

For her steadfast love,

Were fashioned by the angels

And sent from God above.

Tribute to Mother

A memory brought to mind by an image;

As I look back over the years,

I see Myself sitting by her side,

Feeling her devotion,

And recognizing my selfish attitude once again.

As a blind child feeling lost or in pain.

Mothers are remarkable women in our lives. They are as sweet as a dove and can be terrifying as a tigress for someone who harms their children. You should show these poems to children so that they can learn to respect all mothers and develop an interest in poetry.

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