Mother-In-Law Quotes – Heart-Touching Quotes for Mother-In-Law 2023

We have an excellent collection of Mother-in-law Quotes. When it comes to all the relationships one can have with family, there is no denying that one of the most special and complex bonds is with one’s mother-in-law, who raised the person in your life. Depending on the makeup of your particular family, this bond can take on many different shapes and forms.

If your relationship with your mother-in-law is not great and you have one exceptional mother in the mix, having another is twice as nice. We have gathered some of the very best mother-in-law quotes that will help you celebrate the unique bond you have with your significant other’s mother.

Whether you want to pay tribute to her with a lovely message for Mother’s Day, post a photo on social media, and need a caption, or are looking for sweet words to accompany a thoughtful gift, there is a quote that will fit the bill.

Mother-in-Law Wishes in Hindi


Respect Mother-in-law Quotes

It is challenging to remain content when one’s mother-in-law is unpleasant and unkind. However, perhaps we can alter this pattern by valuing her and investing effort in improving the relationship. Often depicted negatively, similar to the antagonist in a television series, we should strive to strengthen the connection between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law.

“You have nurtured your child to become a loving and capable individual. Now, I will pass on the same values to my children and thank you for being an inspiration to us all.”


“What would you say about a man who sends roses to his mother-in-law on Mother’s Day, with a note expressing his gratitude for making him the happiest man on the planet?”


“Although you are my mother-in-law, I have always considered you to be my friend.”


“There is nothing better than having a wealthy and generous mother-in-law as a partner.”


“Behind every successful person, there stands an exceptionally accomplished mother-in-law.”


“A daughter-in-law cannot be beautiful on her own. A lovely mother-in-law helps her become one.”


Mother-in-Law Quotes


“The greatest joy surpassing any achievement is having a kind and intelligent mother-in-law.”


“Behind every successful man, there is a happy spouse and a supportive mother-in-law.”


“When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who supports you, understand that you are fortunate.”


“I used to hate my mother-in-law but eventually learned to tolerate and appreciate her. What appeared to be her aloofness when I was first married, I now value as tranquillity.”

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Best Quotes

You can share these sweet mother-in-law quotes on any occasion to express your love and appreciation. It is an ideal gift for your friend’s mother that will help her understand your pure love. This large collection of loving quotes will make her feel proud and happy.

Dear mother-in-law, I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for your guidance in my life after my marriage.


My husband treats me like a princess, and this indicates that he has been raised by a queen.


My mother-in-law is like a second mother to me.


You are very different from my own mother, but in one way, you are the same. You love your child as well as your family the most in your life.

Mother-in-Law Quotes


“I don’t know how to thank you for welcoming me into a new family after my marriage.”


“I am truly fortunate to have you as my husband’s mother and my dearest friend.”


“I never imagined that I would have a mother-in-law like you in my life. You are my best gift!”


“It is certainly true that it is not easy to become a perfect mother-in-law, but it is not at all hard to become a good one. My mother-in-law is a perfect example of that.”

 Heart-Touching Mother-In-Law Quotes

The mother-in-law relationship is the heartbeat of each family. This bond forms only after the marriage of a couple and is unique as the pair has two mothers. This means twice the guidance and twice the value that a mother can offer. With the right attitude, a wonderful relationship with one’s mother-in-law can be achieved. One way to do this is by expressing gratitude and admiration for her through a beautiful mother-in-law quote. Have look at Mother-in-Law Wishes in Hindi.

“Your mother gives you your life and your mother-in-law gives you her life.”


“An individual with a caring mother-in-law is the luckiest child on the planet.”


“A supportive and understanding mother-in-law is a blessing in disguise.”


“Having a wonderful mother-in-law can help resolve a significant portion of the issues in your life.”


Mother-in-Law Quotes

A mother-in-law gives you a significant part of her heart and life when she agrees to the marriage.


An understanding mother-in-law and a supportive wife are the ultimate formula for success.


A wise mother-in-law is a man’s greatest gift in marriage.


If your mother-in-law supports you, you have an easy life ahead.


Having a loving mother and an understanding mother-in-law is equally important.


For individuals who have lost their mother, a mother-in-law becomes their next source of love.

Positive Quotes

“You may be my mother-in-law, but I always consider you to be my friend.”


“Behind every successful man is a happy wife and a supportive mother-in-law.”


“Respected mother-in-law, I have no words to thank you for guiding me in my life after my marriage.”


“I never imagined that I would have a mother-in-law like you in my life. You are my best gift!”


“If I didn’t have you as my mother-in-law, I would choose you as a friend.”


“Your gift to me was giving birth to the man of my dreams. My gift to you is the daughter you never had.”


“Be kind to your mother-in-law, as she is generous to you.”


“I never forget you, mother-in-law, as you came into my life as a precious gift.”

Best Quotes for Mother-in-law



“I am grateful to have you as my guide and adoptive parent for the rest of my life.”


“Your mother-in-law is a wonderful mother, just like your own mother. Treat her well so that your children and parents-in-law will treat you the same way.”


“I am happy every day about how you raised your son – the most amazing man I have ever met! And how you welcomed me into your family.”


“A mother-in-law’s approval is worth more to a woman than anything else in the world.”


“You were part of our daily routine when we were going through the toughest times. Your help was priceless.”

Appreciation Quotes for Mother-in-Law

You should feel honored to have received something extremely special. If your mother-in-law is like your second mother, you should be grateful to the universe. Show your appreciation to her with some gorgeous mother-in-law quotes. Here are some of the best sweet and heart-melting quotes for mother-in-law. Choose your favorite one.

“My dearest mother-in-law, you have taught me invaluable lessons. You are my mentor, my guide, and my friend. You are an amazing person who deserves to be appreciated. You are the superhero that everyone needs in their lives.”


“I was blessed with a wonderful mother once; and doubly blessed with my mother-in-law.”

“It’s true that your child loves you, but I’m not far behind. I cherish you the most!”

“I am grateful to my mother-in-law for raising my husband, who, according to me, is the best man on earth.”

“The mother-in-law is the center of the family.”

Appreciation Quotes for Mother-in-law


“A mother gives you life; a mother-in-law gives you her life.”


“We appreciate your positive and joyful contribution to our family. We all hold you in high regard and hope you feel that way too. The moments we spend together are always uplifting, and we truly look forward to your visits.”


“I am grateful for your willingness to let me use ‘your’ recipes. Even though I follow them exactly, they never turn out the same as yours. My husband always prefers your version.”


“I appreciate that you focus on spending time with your child when you visit, giving me much-needed alone time with the children.”


“We love the special bond you have with your grandchildren. They adore you and love listening to your stories. Thank you for creating precious memories with them.”

Miss You Mother-in-Law Quotes

“You never make me feel like I’m away from my mother; now I realize all mothers are equal when it comes to sharing love and warmth. You are just like my mother, sharing gossip and secrets. I miss you.”


“The family was new, and I was scared. I didn’t know how to adjust, but you were there for me and made me your own; you gave me your love, and I didn’t have a reason to resist change anymore, as it became my family too. Miss you.”

“You welcomed me as a member of your household, and soon enough, you made me a part of your family with your love and care. I thought no one could be like my mother, but I’m glad that I was wrong. I miss you.”


Funny Quotes for Mother-in-law


“The distance makes me realize the love we share. I am alone today as you are not with me. It is the same feeling I have when I miss my mother. I miss you so much.”


“I have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. We are both Leos, and we understand each other well.”


“A mother-in-law like you deserves every happiness in the world. You are more than a mother-in-law, I consider you as my own mother.”


“I love my mother-in-law to the moon and back because every moment I spend with my spouse is perfect, and it is all because of the way my mother-in-law raised her child.”


Mother-in-law quotes can help you appreciate their love and care better. She may have sacrificed many of her desires for the long-term benefit and well-being of the family. A few words of gratitude can make her feel loved and special. Choose quotes from this collection to share on social media or write on a card to wish her a special Mother’s Day.

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