International Women’s Day Workplace Activities 2023

Women’s Day is a day for remembering women’s struggles. On this day around the world, many events are organized for women. In offices, many International Women’s Day Workplace activities are arranged for the joy of female workers. These events are set up in the offices, foundations, and many other places to highlight the history and purpose of the day. This purpose is to appreciate the achievements of women in political, social, economic, and cultural fields. Focusing on the needs of women is particularly important in workplace events as it opens up opportunities for women to try their hand at and reach long-term professional goals.

International Women's Day Workplace Activities

International Women’s Day Workplace Activities

On International Women’s Day, it’s important for businesses to not only consider creative ideas for celebrating and honoring women in the workplace but also to recognize the benefits of diversity and inclusion. By fostering a more diverse and capable workforce, businesses can not only improve employee well-being and overall satisfaction but also increase overall profits. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, here are eleven ways you can make a meaningful impact on the experiences of women in the workplace.

1) Acknowledge the Women

Once in a while, straightforward inspirational statements and messages can go far in lifting somebody up and helping them to continue onward. Whether it’s your mom, grandma, sister, employee, sweetheart, or companion – send a message, call, or Facetime the significant lady in your life to tell them how wonderful they are.

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2) Host a Film Screening

The way people are portrayed in movies has a significant impact on how audiences learn about orientation norms, the topics we care about, and how we perceive the world.

There is still more work to be done to close Hollywood’s orientation gap, even as we are achieving record levels of female representation in movies. Women made up 20% of all executives, journalists, producers, decision-makers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 100 grossing movies, according to the 2019 Celluloid Roof report. Still, no female executives were nominated for the 2023 Brilliant Globe awards or in the best executive category at the Oscars.

International Women's Day Workplace Activities

3) Organize Activities for Employees

Empowering your staff to participate in a bunch of exercises encouraging association and progress on both an individual and expert level. It can empower your organization to widen the extent of how it treats ladies. Various occasions can join your staff over issues that worry ladies. Little gathering conversations can work in building a trusted and safe climate to discuss ladies’ issues and problems which they encounter in the working environment.

4) Support Female Leadership of Your Company

Women are becoming more active at all levels of initiative. Fortune 500 companies have a record number of female Chiefs. The growth of female-driven groups, and divisions are also occurring. Organizations are in line that enables women to thrive in the workplace. Society gets closer to normalizing all women’s experiences when workplace inclusion for women is prioritized. It is important we continue to support these women in what they do.

5) Support women-owned businesses

Women aid in the development of representative goods and services, equal economic empowerment, and a thriving economy overall. On this International Women’s Day, “vote with your wallet” by actively searching out and favoring nearby companies run by women. Please encourage your friends to take on your challenge by sharing it with them!

6) Get your staff involved in the #Breakthebias photo challenge

The topic this year is #Breakthebias, with the accompanying assertion shared on the authority IWD site:

“Envision an orientation equivalent world. A world liberated from inclination, generalizations, and separation. A world that is different, evenhanded, and comprehensive. A reality where the distinction esteem and celebrates. Together we can produce ladies’ fairness. All in all, we can all #BreakTheBias.”

International Women's Day Workplace Activities

7) Host or Encourage Your Staff to attend online Panel Events

One of the best ways to be inspired to act is to listen to women who have already walked the journey. And offer their life experiences, knowledge, and professional guidance. There is a tonne of fantastic online events with great speaker lineups scheduled for International Women’s Day. It is also easier than over to attend as the majority of the events will take place remotely rather than in person.

8) Celebrate the specific achievements and history of women of color

Even though the country is diversifying, minority women still make up a small percentage of the workforce. Your workplace will become more inclusive as a result of highlighting the accomplishments of women of color. It will also mainstream their experiences. There are several resources available for finding out more about the background and accomplishments made by women of color in America.

9) Decorate the office

A tried-and-true way to get your staff in the celebratory mood is to paint your office purple. Make your own state-of-mind board, hang motivating banners throughout the area, or place decorations on tables. Making these patterns in groups during a get-together the night before is a good way to encourage group activities.

10) Take pictures to share on Social Media

The International Women’s Day website urges users to spread the word by posting their #EmbraceEquity and #IWD2023 photographs on social media. People are encouraged to emulate a balance beam by standing with their arms. And raised the topic of the event balance that everyone has a role to play in determining the course of the planet.

11) Advocate for gender equality in your workplace

Women of color in the United States, in particular, are more prone than males to experience burnout. And tiredness while contributing more to diversity. They still don’t receive enough credit or support for the job they undertake.

To guarantee that ladies keep on advancing toward orientation equity at work, it’s fundamental that organizations establish comprehensive workspaces. Look at your organization’s arrangements or potentially challenge your business chief to guarantee that ladies get fair treatment at work. As a beginning stage, see strategies connected with the following regions:

  • Variety and incorporation preparing for enrollment and recruiting workers
  • Impartial parental leave
  • Adaptable work booking
  • Projects to propel ladies in administrative roles
  • Mentorship or training valuable open doors for ladies

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