8 Best International Women’s Day Virtual Events 2023

Women deserve to be praised for the struggles they went through for the betterment of the world, and their families. To appreciate the struggles of women every year many International Women’s Day Virtual Events are organized. These events are the best way to say thanks to women for their sacrifices. We see women around us fight for their rights daily. Women’s Day is the best day to accommodate their achievements. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the rights of women and gender inequality. Women tend to be the most important people in our lives. Because without them we could not have built a society, nations, and world. Here we will list some amazing virtual ideas to celebrate Women’s Day in offices, at home, and in other places.

International Women's Day Virtual Events

Why are International Women’s Day Virtual Events Organized?

Every year on March 8th, virtual International Women’s Day is observed as a day off to honor the political, social, and cultural accomplishments of women. The major objective is to draw attention to problems including violence against women, reproductive rights, and gender equality.

Every year, events and campaigns are held as part of the United Nations commemoration of the celebration, which has a theme related to a specific problem in women’s rights. It also has to do with lowering the criteria of beauty that society has established for having a “perfect figure.” Each theme uses powerful messaging to highlight a specific issue and encourage both men and women to speak out against unfair standards. On this day you can give gifts to the women. If you want to find some creative gift ideas for this day check out, International Women’s Day Gifts.

International Women's Day Virtual Events

Purpose Of International Women’s Day Virtual Events

Women’s Day is observed to recognize the accomplishments of women in a variety of fields. And to promote awareness of women’s rights, equality, and dignity. It celebrates raising money for organizations that support women.

8 International Women’s Day Virtual Events

Here we list out 8 ideas for International Women’s Day Virtual Events. With these ideas, you can support women and their contributions.

Women’s Foundation Virtual Lunch

To emphasize the importance of women you can organize the Lunch for a women’s foundation. In this foundation, you can invite ladies and through this foundation, they can meet other women and share their ideas and thoughts. With this, women can discuss their strategies and ideas more. In this Lunch event, you can invite a celebrity who achieved something in her life that will motivate the ladies.

A remarkable internet organizing occasion for Women’s Day is being facilitated by the American Ladies’ Relationship of Hong Kong so female changemakers can meet and celebrate each other’s achievements. Go along with us for a tomfoolery night of random data and systems administration while tasting your number one drink. Women, good wishes!

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

You can clean up to perfection, have a beverage, and watch a genuine film celebration from the solace of your parlor any night for the following little while. To celebrate Women’s Day, the Vancouver Worldwide Ladies in Film Celebration is showing 32 movies solely online through Walk 14. Tickets for each review start at $10 Canadian and incorporate a virtual question and answer with the producers.


Urge staff individuals to participate in a Blogathon, where individuals get to create posts and articles about issues and subjects connecting with ladies on the off chance that you’re looking for engaging occasions for Women’s Day. It could manage:

  • The importance and worth of Women’s Day
  • advancing ladies’ freedoms
  • Instances of striking ladies in various enterprises
  • Ladies’ achievements in your organization
  • Activities the business has made to enable ladies

You can pick themes from which individuals can expound on their own encounters. A progression of these articles might be distributed over the span of the month.

International Women's Day Virtual Events

Women’s Day Trivia

Unite your friends, co-workers, or family members for an agreeable Ladies’ Day random data rivalry. Name the Woman is a good group-building trivia, it’s good as it will help appreciate notable ladies for their achievements. For this idea to celebrate virtual ladies’ day, you can isolate the staff into groups or let them play independently. Showing outlined or enlargened pictures of famous female figures and requesting that the members think about what their identity is could likewise be engaging.


Hold a noon course to illuminate staff about the beginnings and meaning of Ladies’ Day. This can cover issues including noticeable fights, and accomplishments, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise see films like Frida, Julie, and Julia, and other similar movies that emphasize ladies. Coordinate a post-film conversation so members can share their thoughts and viewpoints.

International Women's Day Virtual Events

Mentorship Programs for Young Women

One of the satisfying virtual ladies’ day festivity thoughts is to hold online mentorship programs for young ladies. You can either cooperate with an association where there are various projects that representatives can sign up for. It very well may be English language instructing, coding, social examinations, copywriting, interview arrangements, and more.

You could likewise hold a board for young ladies where they can pose inquiries about different vocations helping open doors and enterprises, and assist with associating them with the perfect individuals in the field. You could likewise hold a web-based profession studio for understudies to take up vocation advising and get experiences on the overarching vocation potential to open doors.

Inspiring Women Stories

Representatives can share motivating and endearing accounts of ladies in their day-to-day existence – be it family, tutors, educators, companions, or any individual who affected them. They can likewise share stories they read about on the news, authentic symbols, specialists, bleeding edge Coronavirus laborers, famous people, and so on. Make a ‘People of Bombay‘ climate this ladies’ day and feel motivated to pay attention to every one of the astounding stories.

Virtual events

Support Local Artisans Drive

Supporting neighborhood specialists and independent ventures are another critical virtual ladies’ day festivity thought. Enable neighborhood craftsmen by buying their work or restrict with associations that go about as a go-between and help in supporting these craftsmen.

You can send in a study to your representatives and accumulate data about neighborhood private companies. It very well may be handiworks, fine art, stoneware, home utilities, and so forth.

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