Brilliant International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2023

On March 8th of each year, people worldwide observe International Women’s Day. And here we will share some brilliant International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas to make this day special for your female office staff, ladies of the home, and all women that are important to you. This is not a regular holiday; rather, it is a time and a movement to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women and to consider the strides made in the direction of gender equality.

The concept was first put forth by Clara Zetkin in 1910 in Copenhagen at the second International Conference of Working Women. Her goal was to acknowledge female achievement while also having a practical goal – to increase suffrage support, promote gender equality, and advocate for quicker gender parity. This post offers fantastic ideas for how you, your group, and your neighborhood may commemorate International Women’s Day this year and support gender equality.


International Women's Day Celebration Ideas

Brilliant International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

The global holiday known as International Women’s Day honors women’s social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments. The day serves as a reminder to speed up gender parity. Worldwide, there is a lot of activity as people gather to honor women’s accomplishments or march for gender equality. Here we are going to share ideas to celebrate Women’s Day uniquely.

Support Local Females

Make changes with the help of your wallet. Encourage your group to exclusively purchase food, presents, and flowers from female-owned companies on this day. Consider going the additional mile to support a female local vendor when ordering lunch or special goodies for the office. On International Women’s Day, support female-owned businesses by making purchases from them.

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Highlight the Women’s Contributions in your Office

Send a personal note to a female coworker outlining your admiration for her as a superwoman. It’s a sweet, understated, yet meaningful gesture. Then, expand. The LinkedIn automation platform Expandi takes use of International Women’s Day to highlight the accomplishments of its female employees. This is a crucial exercise because it recognizes and honors women who put in just as much effort as their male colleagues.

Share Gratitude For Female Employees

Encourage your staff to learn about new, possibly less well-known but no less inspirational women in your business. Encourage each employee to contribute to the creation of a presentation about remarkable women and to say one thing that makes them thankful for that person.

International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas, Games & Activities For Office

Here are the finest ways to celebrate International Women’s Day at work, including games, presents, and informative entertainment.

Bingo Game For Women’s Day

Bingo is an enjoyable team-building activity that encourages connection and casual chat among coworkers. To better understand the women they collaborate with on a personal and professional level, teammates are encouraged to participate in International Women’s Day Bingo.

Give a Bingo card to each employee to start. Set a time for everyone to play after that. Every time a participant meets a female coworker who fits the requirements, they will mark off a square and engage in conversation and questioning. You might also distribute cards in the morning and encourage employees to strike up conversations with one another during the workday.

Gifts for Female Colleagues

Giving gifts to female workers is one way to thank them. Distribute the gifts at coworkers’ desks if you work in a traditional office setting. Send your teammates packages if your team is spread out.

You should refrain from giving out stereotypically “girly” presents like jewelry, cosmetics, or body care goods that are entirely pink. Gifts like chocolates, champagne, and flowers are a little more acceptable. Gendered presents should generally be avoided since they perpetuate stereotypes and deliver the wrong message.

Women’s Day Party

One way to honor International Women’s Day is to have a party. Simply set out an hour or two for coworkers to get together, digitally or in person, and engage in enjoyable activities. Make presentations and thank the company’s female employees. Make a playlist with notable female musicians. Play charades, trivia, and other activities like scavenger hunts. Organize a crafting event where team members make cards to gift to key women in their lives.

Workshops for Young Women

You can host a live or online session to inform young girls about your field. This gives students a chance to engage with and question women about working in that field. Next, spread the word about the event to the loved ones of the employees, social media users, schools, business associations, and groups like the Girl Scouts or YWCA. When event day comes, take care of registrations and host your program. Ask for feedback so you can determine interest in upcoming events and enhance your planning procedure.


International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Awards for Exceptional Women

All employees should be recognized for their efforts. Because women are typically less self-promotional, their contributions to the workplace are occasionally undervalued. Holding an awards ceremony expressly to recognize the outstanding women in your workplace is one of the greatest International Women’s Day events.

  • Woman of the year
  • Best Mentor
  • Humble Heroine
  • Team Player

Donations For Women

One of the most heartfelt Women’s Day celebration ideas is giving to women’s charities. Through donations, organizations can educate young girls, address issues relating to women’s health, assist women in achieving economic independence, and preserve the history of women.

Storytelling Workshops

This two-hour, fully-facilitated virtual session teaches participants how to create powerful tales using exclusive frameworks. Participants will then design their pieces after the host explains the techniques and walks them through the format. Story sharing, critique, and group discussion mark the event’s conclusion. Storytelling workshops foster development and experimentation in a secure environment, boosting self-assurance and fostering connections among coworkers.

Host a Panel Where Experts and Thought Leaders Discuss Bias

Even if it’s not International Women’s Day, if you’re organizing a corporate event, think about having speakers discuss a crucial subject like gender bias in the workplace. Organizations must now more than ever have open discussions about how bias affects their workforce.


International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Unique International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Make Creative Thank You Videos

Why not involve everyone in the office in making a thank you video? Compared to simply sending an email to the entire crew on the day of the event, it is more intimate. Participating in the team as a whole shows that the workplace is ready to support a positive transformation.

With Clipchamp, you can quickly and easily make a thank you video montage by asking your staff to share their #BreakTheBias photo or brief webcam video message.

With Clipchamp’s free video editor, you can drag and drop your video clips, edit them, and make a slideshow video for nothing. Additionally, you have the option of saving it for social media posting or immediately sending it to your staff.

Make International Women’s Day GIFs

Using the free GIF video templates from Clipchamp, make a humorous International Women’s Day GIF. You can create a GIF from video meetings or old workplace footage, whether it’s humorous or emotional. Additionally, you may use stock film, add some text animations, and quickly create a GIF.

Donate Charity

Consider making a corporate donation to a nonprofit that promotes women’s interests if you want to make a difference on International Women’s Day. This might be on a local or global scale. Coworkers can also cast votes for the charity they want to support.


Women's Day

Book Club Meetings

An approach to recognizing women’s opinions and experiences is to dedicate a book club meeting to female authors. Select and assign a book first, preferably at least two weeks before the meeting. After that, discuss the reading in person or on Zoom.

Highlight Intersectionality

Women’s issues are intertwined with other significant global challenges, such as systematic racism and climate change, as the Zonta Group of Glens Falls event demonstrates. The fight to enhance diversity, promote sustainability, and bring about change in our political or corporate systems is all tied to women’s issues. By concentrating on intersectionality—the way that someone’s various layers of identity affect their experience—you may demonstrate this connection.

Organize an Event

Plan a women’s social gathering to unwind and celebrate the women you interact with every day. Reach out to local yoga and meditation instructors as well as spas that offer packages for business or group gatherings. If necessary, fitness and meditation classes can frequently be streamed online, which can assist your coworkers in taking a break and reclaiming some personal time.

Inspiring Women Story Swap

Talking about powerful women at work is a simple way to honor Women’s Day. You might either ask coworkers to contribute stories outside of work hours or utilize the exercise as an icebreaker to start a meeting. You can start a Slack thread or group chat where staff members can share their stories and respond to one another to gather information, or you can use a Google Form. Employees share personal anecdotes about powerful women in their life. Stories might be about famous people like artists, historical figures, or famous people. They can also be about people who have influenced them personally like family, teachers, mentors, friends, or members of the community. The staff can also share inspiring news reports.

The value of a Simple Thank-You

The power of a simple “thank you,” is often unspoken. It is time to express gratitude and appreciation to the female members of your team or organization for their commitment and perseverance. In the end, it’s the little things that add up and support the larger movement for workplace gender equality.

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