How to Use Pregnancy Pillow – Use of Different Pregnancy Pillows

There are various types of pregnancy pillows available, but the main question of pregnant women is How to Use Pregnancy Pillows correctly? Pregnancy can be a joyful experience if it passes without any complications. However, women face many issues during pregnancy, including difficulty sleeping. Doctors advise against sleeping on the stomach when the belly protrudes during pregnancy. Regular mattresses are uncomfortable for pregnant women, causing body aches and uncomfortable sleep.


How to Use Pregnancy Pillow


What is Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow for pregnant women to sleep comfortably without experiencing body aches. It provides a cozy sleep experience during pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes, such as

  • U-shape
  • J-shape
  • C-shape
  • wedge-shaped
  • I-shaped pillows.

All of these pillows offer comfort from body pain, joint pain, neck and shoulder pain, and other body issues. Pregnant women can use whichever shape is most convenient for them during pregnancy. By using a pregnancy pillow, they can sleep in their preferred sleeping position with a protruding belly during pregnancy.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow and What Are its Benefits?

You have the choice of selecting the type of pillow that best suits your needs for relaxation during pregnancy. To use a wedge pillow, start by lying next to it and gently roll over, placing your belly on the larger end. A DIY option that looks similar can be made using a softer pillow. For additional support, you can use a second pillow to cushion your back or even add a third pillow between your knees.

It’s important to make necessary adjustments to ensure you remain stable and comfortable throughout the night, as it’s crucial to avoid feeling off-balance.

A pregnancy pillow is an excellent source of comfort for women during pregnancy. You can use it according to your sleeping position and comfort. It can also be used during breastfeeding and many women use it during childbirth. Pregnancy pillows are made with materials such as polystyrene foam, fiber filling, and microbead filling to maintain the comfort level of pregnant women during sleep.


How to Use Pregnancy Pillow

Depending on your aches and pains, you can position a pregnancy pillow in several different ways. Additionally, pregnancy pillows come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. There are numerous benefits to using pregnancy pillows, some of which are listed below.

Body Support

During pregnancy, your body undergoes various changes and requires support to cope with them. A pregnancy pillow is an excellent solution to address these changes. You can adjust the shape of the pillow according to any pain you might feel in any part of your body. If you’re expecting and feeling anxious about your baby’s gender, you can find detailed information on Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms in my article.

Help in Blood Circulation

Doctors and researchers advise pregnant women to sleep on their left side as the baby grows. This position helps to maintain blood circulation while sleeping during pregnancy.

Help with Your Allergies

During pregnancy, women may experience various allergies, such as respiratory or skin allergies. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the development of allergic problems. Improper sleeping can result in itchiness and rashes on the body. To prevent such reactions, using a hypoallergenic pillow is recommended.

Make You More Comfortable

The journey of your pregnancy can be made more enjoyable with the use of a pregnancy pillow. Women need to rest during pregnancy and require comfortable items to sit, sleep, and work with ease. The softness of this pillow provides a relaxed feeling to the body, while its different shapes offer protection during sleep to avoid harm.

Useful After the Baby Arrives

You can continue to use these pillows after your baby is born. You can use the pillow as a boundary for your baby during feeding, or the U-shaped pillow can be used to cover your body while the baby is sleeping. If you prefer to sleep on one side, it is the best option for you.

How to use Pregnancy Pillow of J Shape?

The candy cane-shaped pillow is also known as the J-shaped pregnancy pillow. It is designed to support the head, neck, and back during pregnancy. The J-shaped pillow is smaller compared to the U-shaped pillow and does not have an additional side.

It is a suitable option for couples who enjoy cuddling or have smaller beds. However, since it does not have a side, it cannot be used while sitting. If you prefer to use it while sitting, it is better to get the U-shaped body pillow instead.


Pregnancy Pillow of J Shape


How to Use Pregnancy Pillow of Wedge Shape?

You can utilize a wedge-shaped pillow to prop up your torso while sitting or sleeping, particularly under a pregnant belly. It is a great option for individuals who feel too hot or cold while sleeping, as they can place a cooling pack or heating pad between the wedge and themselves. Propping yourself up while sleeping can also help alleviate heartburn, whether you’re pregnant or not.

Furthermore, wedge-shaped pillows are compact and easily portable. Using one is very simple: if you’re pregnant and want to sleep on your side, just prop it beneath your belly.


Pregnancy Pillow of Wedge Shape


How to Use Pregnancy Pillow of C Shape?

C-shaped pillows come with large, curved pads with extensions for your head and pelvis, which offer additional support along a single axis. These pillows are designed to wrap around your body while you’re lying on your side, supporting your back, neck, and pelvic region. If you require a body pillow that provides support to all your primary problem areas, a C-shaped pillow is one of the best choices. They are also great for dealing with water retention in your legs and ankles because of their extensive support. However, one major drawback of C-shaped pillows is that you have to flip the pad every time you change sides due to its shape.


Pregnancy Pillow of C Shape

How to use Pregnancy Pillow of U Shape?

U-shaped pillows are the most luxurious of the lot, as they provide the most amount of support coverage for your body, propping up your head and neck, knees, ankles, back, and torso. These pillows are often larger and more expensive than other types of pregnancy pillows. Due to their ability to support both your back and belly at the same time, U-shaped pillows are excellent for women who toss and turn during the night, as you never have to flip this one, unlike a C-shaped pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow of U Shape


How to use the Pregnancy Pillow of I Shape?

Similar to regular pillows, body pillows are longer. Because they are quite flexible and can be used wherever you require the most support, these pillows function similarly to wedges. Full-length pillows can be used to support any part of your body, but pregnant women typically use them for belly support by hugging the pillow with one leg raised and the other lowered.

When To Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow

If you have made the decision to buy a pregnancy pillow, you are probably eager to get comfortable. Even after childbirth, you can still enjoy the benefits of using a full-body pillow. However, the timing of when to start using a wedge pillow or a DIY solution will be up to you.

It is recommended to start sleeping on your side as early as 28 weeks, but if your belly starts showing earlier and you begin to feel uncomfortable, you could try switching to side sleeping even sooner.

Better Sleeping Tips in Pregnancy

  • If approved by a specialist, exercise during the day to decrease nighttime cramps.
  • Reduce fluid intake a few hours before bedtime to prevent waking up to use the bathroom.
  • Consume bland, filling foods such as rice and avoid spicy foods to minimize nighttime nausea and heartburn.
  • Relax before bed by doing something comfortable, such as stretching or taking a warm shower.
  • If possible, take brief daytime naps to compensate for the sleep you are losing at night.

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