8 Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms – Methods to Find Gender

It is a very beautiful feeling for a lady to become a mother. Boy and Girl both are equal for the parents but if you are a pregnant lady you must want to know about the baby boy pregnancy symptoms. Most parents desire a boy first, so if you and your family get curious to know the orientation of the child, this is normal. The interest in gender gave the ascent to numerous presumptions and fantasies about foreseeing the gender of a baby. While these strategies might be enjoyable to pursue as a couple. They can not be taken seriously as they are not scientifically demonstrated. Here, in this post, we tell you about some symptoms and myths about a child’s gender during pregnancy.

How To Determine the Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms?

You become proud if you know you have a baby boy during pregnancy especially if you have a girl already. The baby boy’s gender is decided by its chromosome makeup at the time of fertilization. An embryo receives 23 chromosomes from each of the parents. Where one pair is made up of the sex chromosome that decides the gender of the baby boy. If the baby has two X chromosomes you have a girl and if a baby has one X and one Y chromosome you have a baby boy.Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

When is Baby Boy Gender Determined?

If you have a baby boy, the penis starts to develop around the 11th week of pregnancy. Gender is decided long before the 11 weeks, at the time of conception when the sperm fuses with the egg. It is possible to find out about the gender of the baby through a genetic test at around 10 weeks. You can also find it in the anatomy scan from the 20th week.

If you are pregnant and want to know more about your due date you can use the Pregnancy Month Calculator. From this method, you can easily detect your pregnancy days, week, or month. In my previous article, you can get detailed guidelines to check your pregnancy month.

8 Common Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Here we are going to list down 8 symptoms or signs in which people can easily believe they have a baby boy.

Food Craving

Food is the best way to know about the gender of the baby. During pregnancy, women want to eat more and more because they have a baby in their womb. You can detect the gender of the baby from the food craving. If you have a lot of cravings for sour food & spicy snacks. It is a clear symptom that you have a baby boy.  Another symptom is that in the case of a boy you want to eat more and more after a short period of time. But if you feel that you want to eat sweet food & snacks more you are expecting a baby girl.

Morning Sickness

If you feel vomiting or morning sickness it is an indication of the baby’s symptoms inside you. People say when you have a baby girl you feel sick in the morning. It happens due to hormonal changes inside you and it is tough for you to keep food inside you. If you have a baby boy you feel relaxed and do not feel any morning sickness. It is the most common symptom that happens in 80% of women.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms


It is the most amazing experience for both mother and father to listen to the heartbeat of the baby. No parents can brief their happiness into words. When people become parents for the first time they know it is a wonderful thing for them.

If the heartbeat of the baby is above 140 it is a baby girl and if you see the heartbeat of the baby below 140 it is the symptom of a baby boy in the womb. Many people and doctors confirm this fact, if you go for an ultrasound and see a slow heartbeat it is a sign you have a baby boy.

Hair Growth

Hair is the beauty of every woman and during pregnancy, women face many problems with hair. It is a wonderful experience for a woman to become a mother and when there is a boy inside her it makes her more energetic. During the pregnancy, if you feel your hair growth is more than previous growth it indicates that you have a baby boy. Because during the pregnancy of baby girls women face hair fall. In the case of a baby boy, your hair not only grows more but also has thick growth.

Beautiful Skin & Face

If you have beautiful and pimple-free skin during the pregnancy you become the mother of a baby boy. In the case of the boy, the mother’s skin becomes more nourished and glows on the face. But if you have pimples during the pregnancy a baby girl grows inside you. One other sign of a baby boy is that your hands & feet have dryness.

Tummy Positions

During pregnancy, a woman’s body faces many changes of which one is the tummy position. There is a myth that if a pregnant lady has a low-position belly she has a boy and if she carries a higher tummy position she has a baby girl. But these are just myths for fun it is not scientifically proven.

Urine Color

To detect the gender of the baby boy from urine color is just a myth. Because some people say that if a pregnant woman’s urine color is darker she has a baby boy otherwise she has a girl if her urine color is light yellow. But this is not true because it is due to hormonal changes, if you drink a lot of water during the pregnancy your urine will be clear.  On the other hand, it may be dark yellow if you don’t drink enough water.

Dr. Phillips Flatly also disagrees with this myth as she said the color of urine is not a symptom of the baby’s gender. Your urine color and smell depend upon your diet. If you eat fresh and healthy food and drink a lot of water your urine is clear. But unhealthy foods may cause bad odor and color in your urine.

Cold Hand & Feets

Many people believe that if your hands & feet are colder than routine you have a little baby boy inside you. If your hands and feet are warm then you have a baby girl. But these all are just people’s speculation about the baby’s gender which can truly be detected by ultrasound.

How You Can Get the Right Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms Before the Delivery?

Being a parent you have questions in your mind during pregnancy whether you have a baby boy or baby girl. You must want to know the gender of the baby before the delivery. It depends upon the women’s pregnancy situation. If you are a healthy woman and had no complications you can find the baby’s gender after 20 weeks of your pregnancy. There are some methods by which you can find the exact gender of your baby.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms Before the Delivery


After 20 weeks of pregnancy, you can do an ultrasound to see the gender of your baby. Ultrasound is the method of an imaging test and sound waves that examine the gender of your baby’s organs & tissues.  This procedure requires little to no special treatment. Your consultant guides you on how to prepare for it. But it is not certain that the baby’s gender can always be detected through an ultrasound. Maybe you can not find out the gender on the first attempt and need an ultrasound again after some time.

Genetic Test

The second way to find the gender of the baby is through a genetic test. In this method there is a low chance of miscarriage and old wives suggest this method. It is like a blood test in which a doctor takes a sample of blood to find the genetics of the baby. In this test, chorionic villi sampling is also included. Pregnant ladies can do this test after 11 weeks of their pregnancy period. But through this method gender cannot be found quickly as it takes some time.

I hope this article is helpful for you to detect the gender of your baby. All the mothers enjoy the feeling of having a baby boy. It is a very beautiful emotion to be a mother. You and your family are waiting desperately to reveal the gender of the baby. Here we bring some ways to detect your baby’s gender. These are myths but old wives and people believe in them for finding the gender of babies.

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